Kornfield, Jack: The Wise Heart (6CDs)

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You have within you an unlimited capacity for extraordinary love, for joy, for communion with life, and for unshakable freedom—and here is how to awaken it. On The Wise Heart, celebrated author and psychologist Jack Kornfield offers an accessible, comprehensive, and illuminating guide to the universal teachings of Buddhist psychology. He shows you how to use powerful Buddhist insights and practices to go beyond the trap of self-improvement"—and find in your own life the path to unconditional fulfillment and happiness discovered by the Buddha. In the moving style of Kornfield's previous bestsellers, The Wise Heart invites you to discover:A life of awakened love and compassion in actionThe mystery of consciousness and the undying spiritBuddhist personality types and the methods for transcending the illusion of self"Behaviorism with heart"—Buddhist cognitive trainingInterdependence and why it is essential to your personal well-beingHow Western and Buddhist psychology complement each otherAt the heart of Buddhist psychology lies a vision of radiant human dignity, the secret beauty we all share: our Buddha nature. "Seeing with the eyes of love," explains Jack Kornfield, "reveals this beauty everywhere around us." Join this trusted voice to experience the transformational power of Buddhism's perennial strategies for enlightened living."
Veröffentlicht: Mai 1 2009
Tracks (Gesamtspielzeit: 06:06:35)
  1. CD 1: Introduction
  2. CD 1: The Wise Heart: Introduction and 4 Chapters more 76:56
  3. CD 2: Chapter 5: The Mysterious Illusion of Self
  4. CD 2: Identification and 3 Chapters more 68:40
  5. CD 3: Chapter 9: The River of Feelings
  6. CD 3: How to work with your emotions? and 3 Chap. more 76:52
  7. CD 4: Chapter 13: The Transformation...
  8. Abundance and Fulfillment and 3 Chapters more 69:11
  9. CD 5: Chapter 17: The Compass of the Heart
  10. Clarification Moment-to Moment Intention and 3 Chap. more 74:57
  11. CD 6: Chapter 21: A Psychology of Virtue, Redemption and Forgiveness
  12. CD 6: Redemption and Forgiveness and 3 Chapters more 76:51